What Does Scoliosis Mean? Definition, Cause and Classification

what does scoliosis mean

What Does Scoliosis Mean? What Does Scoliosis Mean? Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine that causes the bone to bend sideways, often occurring in children who are still in its infancy or puberty. Scoliosis causes lateral curvature (to the side) in the normally vertical vertebral spine. When viewed from the side, the spine shows […]

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Muscle Spasms in Stomach : Causes, Dangers and Treatment

muscle spasms in stomach

Someone who has muscle spasms in stomach will feel a tremendous abdominal pain, twisted, as if squeezed, briefly appear briefly subsided, if the graph is made like wavy. muscle spasms in stomach or in medical terms is called colic abdomen is a general term describing abdominal pain twisted due to smooth muscle contractions contained in […]

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Why do Muscles Cramp? This is the Cause of Cramps and How to Handle It

why do muscles cramp

Why do muscles cramp? Why do muscles cramp? Muscle cramps are strong contractions or muscle tightening, which ache and appear suddenly, lasting from a few seconds to a matter of minutes. Often this condition occurs in the legs. Foot muscle cramps at night are usually a seizure or tightening of muscles in the calf suddenly. […]

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