disease of heart muscle

Disease of Heart Muscle : Explanation From a Specialist

Disease of heart muscle is particularly dominated by heart muscle function. Cells are interspersed within the heart muscle thus helping to contraction some cells. As we know, the heartbeat we feel is the result of constant contraction of the heart muscle.

To perform a contraction requires an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients so that the process does not stop. No organism can survive without the work of the heart muscle.

disease of heart muscle

disease of heart muscle

So what if the heart muscle disease? Yes, we can experience heart muscle disorders.

Disease of heart muscle

One heart disease that can affect anyone is a disorder of the heart muscle is also called a cardiomyopathy. Let’s talk about disease of heart muscle.


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The cause disease of heart muscle to date is not known for sure. But this disease is suspected to occur due to coronary artery disease or congenital (congenital heart defects), as well as hypertension

But in some cases, it is not related to the disturbances that have been mentioned. So, the cause cannot be ascertained.

Simply put, the disease of heart muscle can be defined as a myocardial disease characterized by the impaired ability of the heart to pump blood so that blood flowing throughout the body is impaired.

The heart rate is abnormal and causes the heart muscle to weaken or enlarge it. At the beginning of the “only” symptom, there is a mild disturbance but the condition can deteriorate rapidly.

The condition eventually makes the heart muscle unable to contract normally. The condition is finally called a cardiomyocyte where the heart’s myocyte is damaged.


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Although not yet known the exact heart muscle disease, the most important cause based on the analysis, the cardiomyocyte condition is divided into 4 types, namely as follows:

  1. Dilated cardiomyopathy or the occurrence of heart muscle enlarged.
  2. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or thickening of heart muscle.
  3. Restrictive cardiomyopathy that occurs because the heart muscle is unable to soften between the pulse well. This disease is rare.
  4. Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy or occurrence of interference with the right side of the heart.

In general, disease of heart muscle is most common in children. But indeed the death rate due to disease of heart muscle is at least can be suppressed because of the variety of modern medical treatment is increasingly sophisticated.

That way, those who suffer from disease of heart muscle can undergo daily activities as usual.

Some of the medications that are usually given to the sufferer are drugs, surgical implant devices, heart transplants if the case is severe enough. As already mentioned, so the patient can undergo daily activities as usual. However, curing this disease is quite difficult as it relates to the most important organs of the body.

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