Heart disease symptoms in men

Heart Disease Symptoms in Men

Heart disease symptoms in men

Heart disease symptoms in men. Symptoms of Heart Disease In Men almost the same as the symptoms of heart disease in women.

Heart disease is one of the most deadly killers in the world, heart disease is necessary to know the causes and symptoms

Symptoms of heart disease in men alone will be different from heart disease in women. This is because of differences in the cardiovascular system of men and women.

Heart attack or familiarly called myocardial infarction is a condition disorder in the heart where the blood supply to the muscles in the heart is constrained

The heart attack is an urgent condition triggered by the deposition of fat, blood or cholesterol in the arteries so that blood circulation to the heart becomes blocked.

This makes a fatal impact on the heart muscle due to damage and even death.

In general, symptoms of heart attacks in men is a pain in the chest, shortness of breath, feel anxious, anxious, and feel dizzy and his body is weak.

This is one of them is part of the aging process, so it is often untreated.

This is due to patients who are less aware of themselves or their families have a heart attack because this incident is connected to the aging process.

Symptoms of heart attacks in men and women include:

  1. Pain due to the oxygen-rich blood supply to the muscles in the heart is reduced, this is often called angina. Angina adaptive feeling of tightness in the chest that feels like kneading.
  2. Dizziness and even fainting this is caused by an abnormal rhythm or heartbeat because of its performance in pumping blood that worsens. So dizzy and unconscious cannot be avoided.
  3. Shortness of breath due to fluid entry to the lungs that should be air cavity.
  4. Heart palpitations or also called palpitations
  5. Fatigue when the heart is unable to pump blood into the muscle effectively during activity so that the patient will feel tired and weak. Usually, these symptoms are mild, and to overcome this the patient should gradually reduce its activity.

A few months before the occurrence of a heart attack people usually feel very tired, but they think it is due to stress from work or lack of rest or sleep.

Symptoms of heart attack in men are often felt, among others, feeling depressed at the middle of the chest about ½ minute to 5 minutes followed by heart palpitations, cold sweats, dizziness and almost fainted.

Even the patient will also feel the breath of wheezing when the activity.

Yet the real feeling of distress or pain in the chest is angina to convey a signal that they have a heart attack.

Often the patient feels fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, weakness and much more which is an indication that the heart organ lacks oxygen supply due to blockage of the coronary arteries by cholesterol and fat deposits.

Heart disease symptoms in men :

  1. Pain that spreads to the chest

One of the symptoms of a heart attack is a pain in the chest, but in other conditions, the patient also feels the sensation of chest pain that radiates also in the arms, shoulders, elbows, back, neck, stomach even down the throat or jaw.

Although the pain occurs within a certain period of time that easily disappears.

  1. Udem or swelling of certain body parts

Heart failure in pumping blood also affects fluid accumulation in the ankles, legs, and abdomen.

So in these patients, there is a loss of appetite but experience increased weight.

  1. Loss of appetite

Swelling that occurs in the stomach to make appetite decreased sufferers also feel like to vomit.

The explanation above makes us able to describe how sorry when a heart attack struck.

So as a man who always wary must keep introspective by keeping the trust of God who always beats without this break.

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