heart murmur in children

Heart Murmur in Children? The Following Explanation

Heart murmur in children? One of the problems related to the heart that also does not loose hunting the child is a heart murmur or heart murmur. This condition is an abnormal heart sound condition and is produced from a noncurrent bloodstream in the heart. Heart murmur in children is not just a condition of abnormalities alone, this can happen as one of the symptoms that lead to various conditions and other abnormalities.

heart murmur in children

heart murmur in children

How does a heart murmur happen? Knowing the process of the occurrence of heart murmurs must be by knowing the workings of the heart itself. The process of working our heart in pumping blood will be described in the following stages:


What is Cardiac Arrhythmia?

  1. Systole and diastole are two stages of heart rate work. Systole is the phase of the heart pumping and diastole is the phase when blood enters the heart through the right and left heart chambers.
  2. Blood that has been passed to the whole body (often known as dirty blood) will still go into the heart through the vena body (vena cava) to the right atrium. The blood is then passed into the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve.
  3. The pulse of systole carries blood to the lungs through the pulmonary valve. This valve separates the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.
  4. The process of turning oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs fairly quickly, that is when we breathe. In this process, the incoming oxygen is administered to the red blood cells while carbon dioxide is released and exhaled through the breath.
  5. Clean blood or oxygen-containing blood then flows into the heart, precisely to the left atrium and then to the left ventricle.
  6. Heart rate systole causes the left side of the heart to contract, sending blood throughout the body through the aortic valve. This oxygen will be used in all body tissues for the body’s metabolic processes.

Causes of a Cardiac Murmur

So far, it is known that the heart murmur in children is caused by movement of blood that is too fast through the parts of the heart. This causes a faster heartbeat and there is noise or murmur in the child’s heart. Two possibilities that promote the emergence of heart murmurs are congenital or congenital conditions and problems with the heart valve itself.

In infants and children, the usual heart murmur condition is an innocent heart murmur, meaning that the heart murmur in this child does not lead to a particular disease and in fact their heart is in good health. While the type of abnormal heart murmur which is the result of PJB, usually experienced by adults.

Innocent Heart Murmur

There are several possibilities that cause the child to experience innocent type heart murmurs appear, among others:


Signs Of Heart Disease in Women

  1. Physical activity.
  2. Maternal pregnancy.
  3. Fever
  4. Healthy red blood cells used to carry oxygen are not enough (anemia).
  5. The excess amount of thyroid hormone.
  6. The phase of rapid growth.

Abnormal Heart Murmur

Some of the possibilities that cause the appearance of this abnormal heart murmur include:

  1. Hole in the heart or defect of the septum. This occurs when there is abnormal blood flow which then causes the heart murmur. These holes can vary in size and place appear, can also be serious and not serious.
  2. Heart valve abnormalities are usually a congenital condition.

There are several levels of heart murmurs in children and not all heart murmurs are an indication of unhealthy body condition. The level of the heart murmur is divided into levels 1 through 6. Of course, level 1 is the most innocuous heart murmur and is not indicative of worse health problems. Starting level 3 to level 6, is the level of murmur that needs to watch out for sounds that sound more clear and potentially lead to other diseases.

Visible Symptoms of Heart Murmur Patients

Cardiac murmurs in innocent-type children or at levels 1 and 2 usually have no visible symptoms. This is also because levels 1 and 2 of the heart murmur are not a dangerous condition. Heart murmurs with visible symptoms are usually classified as 3 to 4 or not innocent. Some of the visible symptoms include:

  1. The skin on the fingertips and lips will usually look blue.
  2. Body weight rises significantly and suddenly.
  3. Patients experience shortness of breath or dyspnea.
  4. A chronic cough.
  5. Given liver enlargement.
  6. The neck of the neck looks enlarged.
  7. Appetite is bad.
  8. A little sweaty and no energy.
  9. Feeling pain in the chest area.
  10. Dizziness
  11. In some cases, the sufferer has fainted.

Handling of Parents for Children with Heart Murmurs

For the handling that parents give to children who have heart murmurs, depending on the type of heart murmur suffered by the child. If classified as levels 1 and 2, usually there will be no necessary treatment because the heart is in a healthy condition. Unlike if the heart murmur is known to have started level 3 or above or claimed by the doctor as an indication of certain diseases. If this is the case, the treatment and care given to heart murmur patients with one another cannot be equated.


What is Coronary Heart Disease

Some possible treatment alternatives include:


  1. Anti-clotting drugs that prevent blood clots from inside the heart. This condition can cause a heart attack or stroke.
  2. Diuretics that reduce excess fluid in the body that can exacerbate the condition of heart murmurs.
  3. ACE inhibitors to lower blood pressure are also known to exacerbate heart murmurs.
  4. Statins that help patients in lowering cholesterol, a problem that is attached to the performance of the heart.
  5. Beta-blocker, to lower heart rate and blood pressure. These drugs are usually only given to certain types of heart valve-related problems.


Alternative treatment by surgery is usually given due to certain conditions only. This is adapted to the condition of heart murmur patients. In this alternative, there are two possible types, namely Valve Replacement and Valve Replacement. In valve repair alternatives, some of the recommendations that doctors offer are balloon valvuloplasty, structural repair, and valve leaf repair. While on alternate valve replacements, two possible types of surgery are open cardiac surgery or TAVR aortic valve replacement.

Thus information that we can provide related problems of a heart murmur in children. To minimize the likelihood that can be experienced by children, it is better to immediately check the condition of the child to a specialist. Follow the doctor’s treatment advice and do it in a discipline.

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