menopouse pregnancy after 50

Menopause Pregnancy After 50? said the specialists

Menopause Pregnancy After 50? You can still get pregnant while you’re through menopause.

menopouse pregnancy after 50

menopause pregnancy after 50

The official suggestion for menopause women who want to regulate pregnancy is that you need contraception for a year after your last period if you are over 50 – that’s two years if you’re under 50.



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Because many menopausal women misunderstand, they stop using contraception after their periods become disorganized, says Dr. Helen Bickerstaff, a consultant obstetrician, an obstetrician at the Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Though pregnancy can still happen.

“Of course, during an irregular bleeding and blushing, a woman may not get pregnant because she is not ovulating normally, but suddenly she can return to the cycle of several months of regular ovulation and period. normal at the right time.

“So women really need contraception until they have fully finished menopause.”

And women who previously had not been able to get pregnant could suddenly get pregnant, says Dr. Bickerstaff, who is also a senior lecturer in medical education at King’s College London. Hormonal fluctuations may give some ovulation for the first time.


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“It happened to my mom – she has my sister and me when she is 44 and 46 – although she never menstruates in her life because she has a polycystic ovary [ovarian cyst],” she says.

The fear of getting pregnant at the age of more than 40 years is very reasonable because of the many medical risks that can occur both to the mother and to her baby. Some of the risks that can occur in pregnancies over the age of 40 years, theoretically can be overcome (eg hypertension, diabetes, abnormalities, bleeding), but the risk for having a disabled child increased by about fourfold by the age of 40 and has not been interventions can be made.

What mothers should know, over the age of 40, is a mother even though her fertility begins to decline but still can still get pregnant and still need contraception. Pregnancy over the age of 50 years is very rare, data from the USA showed there was a woman who was pregnant up to 9 months at age 56 years, while the oldest woman who had been pregnant in the UK is at the age of 54 years.

contraception you have done well, but the problem now is when a woman can stop it?


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In general, a person who has experienced menopause (not menstruating in a row for at least 1 year) cannot get pregnant again, so it can stop its contraceptives. in general, about 99% of women have menopause at age 55 years.

If you do not menstruate for 1 year, even though you are over 40 years old, not necessarily indicate the state of menopause. To find out if really menopause should be checked FSH hormone levels that can be consulted to your doctor. General advice, when women over 50 years have stopped menstruation for 1 year, it is recommended to continue using contraceptives for up to 1 year after menopause.

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