muscle spasm in back

Is it Suffering From Muscle Spasm in Back? This is The Cause

Muscle spasm in back

Muscle spasm in back is when your back muscles are reflexively contracting and most of this time will occur in the lower back.

Some possible causes Muscle spasm in back, as well as severe pain, include irritation or injury to the nerves, ligaments, or muscles of your back.

Most people who have this particular muscular condition will notice severe muscle tightness accompanied by pain. It is also possible to feel muscle tension or a knot in the back.


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Involuntary and painful muscle contractions can cause muscle spasm in the back.

If not treated immediately, Muscle spasm in back can cause very serious consequences.

muscle spasm in back

muscle spasm in back

A person may experience Muscle spasm in back when spinning, pulling, or stretching.

Here are some common causes of muscle spasm in the back:

  1. Muscle Injury

Muscle injuries often cause muscle spasm in the back. Muscular injuries in the back can occur due to a single traumatic accident or excessive muscle use (chronic muscular exertion).

Repetitive movements of the spine such as playing baseball, cricket, tennis, squash, handball, or golf can trigger injury or inflammation of the muscles.


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Muscle spasm is also very often experienced by people who have weak lower back muscles.

  1. Sports

Muscle spasm in back occurs when the muscles are inflamed or tense. Any boost can cause the muscles and tendons of the lower back to tear.

The thrust can happen when someone plays sports such as soccer, basketball, weightlifting, baseball, or golf.

  1. Exercise (Physical Activity)

Exercise is another cause of muscle spasm in the back. Doing strenuous exercise can cause spasm in the back.

Weight-bearing exercise triggers the muscles if not done the right way.

  1. Wrong Posture

The wrong posture is a common cause of muscle spasm in the back.

Muscle spasm in back can occur during household activities or physical exercise.

Lifting very heavy objects in the wrong way can lead to excessive stretching of the back muscles.

Bending the knee is very important when lifting heavy loads from the floor.


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Incorrect posture when standing, sitting, or sleeping can trigger back problems.

  1. Lack of Nutrition

Lack of mineral nutrients, especially calcium and potassium causes low levels of electrolytes in the body that can trigger muscle spasm in the back.

Salt deficiency can also cause muscle spasm.

  1. Other Causes

Serious nerve problems can be another cause of muscle spasm in the back.

If you have a severe and very painful muscle spasm in your neck or back, consult an orthopedic doctor immediately.

This condition can be a symptom of rupture or prominence of the vertebral segment, which if left untreated can prompt serious consequences.

Muscle spasm in back can also be an indication of health problems such as muscle fatigue or damaged nerves

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