muscle spasms in arm

Muscle Spasms in Arm : This is the cause

muscle spasms in arm. We may use more hands during activities throughout the day, so the pain in the arm can be caused by muscle tension.

If the pain occurs early in the morning after a sleepless night sleep, then this can also be caused by the wrong sleeping position that causes pressure on one side of the hand.

But there are times when muscle spasms in arm is a sign of other medical conditions that have nothing to do with the arm, can even be a warning of a potentially lethal disease.

muscle spasms in arm

muscle spasms in arm

The upper arm is the area between the shoulders and the elbow. This is often also simply called the arm while the forearm refers to the forearm.

People generally know that the muscles in the upper arm consist of biceps and triceps. Maybe we tend to think muscle spasms in the upper arm is especially when the muscles cannot be moved as usual.

But there are actually some muscles other than biceps and triceps in the upper arm, and sometimes muscle spasms in arm have nothing to do with biceps, triceps or other muscles in this area.

It is important to know that the upper arm consists of bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and skin. Furthermore, most of these structures do not begin and do not end in the upper arm.

Some muscles and tendons may lie from the shoulders and end in the upper arm, while some muscles and tendons lie starting in the upper arm up to the lower arm. Arterial and venous blood vessels are in the upper arm starting from the shoulders, armpits, and arms. It is also the same for lymphatic vessels and nerves.

The cause of muscle spasms in arm

If there are other symptoms that appear as dizziness, shortness of breath and signs of shock then upper arm pain should be considered a medical emergency. It is very important first to exclude common causes of muscle spasms in arm such as an injury to the upper arm or heavy activity that may have caused muscle tension.

People who suddenly start exercising, especially weight training without proper instruction, may initially experience severe upper arm pain. Here are some possible causes of muscle spasms in arm:\


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  1. As a result of trauma

The injury is one of the more common causes of muscle spasms in arm. Injuries can be limited only to a more superficial layer such as skin and subcutaneous tissue or extends to muscles and bones.

Cracked bone events, broken tendons, unposed joints, bruises, cuts, and burns are some of the injuries that may arise from falling, exercising, burning, and strenuous activity.

  1. Problems Muscles and tendons

Some problems with muscles and tendons can cause muscle spasms in arm. Overuse of the muscles can create muscle tension, is one of the more common causes.

Sometimes a narrowed muscle is known as muscle spasms in arm. Tendonitis refers to inflammation of the tendon muscles. Severe conditions such as tendon rupture may be due to injury.

  1. Bone and joint conditions

There are a number of bone and joint disorders that can cause muscle spasms in the upper arm. This bone-related condition may be accompanied by severe pain.

These include fractures, osteoporosis (bone loss), osteomalacia (soft bones) and osteomyelitis (bone infection). Even mild trauma can cause fractures in people with osteoporosis.

Joint disorders often cause pain in the upper arm, including the shoulder joint or elbow joint. Other joint diseases may include osteoarthritis, gout arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Shoulder stiffness is sometimes also considered a sore upper arm.


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  1. Nerve Disorders that pass through the arm

Nerve problems can cause muscle spasms in the upper arm or anywhere in the area through which the nerves pass. The cause of neurological problems is probably peripheral neuropathy, caused by compression (pinched nerve), autoimmune disorders, diabetes, trauma to the nerves, infection or sometimes the use of certain drugs.

Kubitz tunnel syndrome can also contribute to upper arm pain, although a more severe pain in the forearm. In this condition, the ulnar nerve is squashed at the elbow level.

  1. Blood Circulation Disorders

Circulatory disorders or blood circulation can also cause muscle spasms in arm especially when the blood supply is reduced. In a disease called peripheral arteries, gradually the arteries narrow due to plaque buildup (atherosclerosis).

In the end, the arteries can become completely blocked and this causes limb ischemia. Even without the pre-existing constriction, blood clots in the arm can clog the arteries or veins.

Blood flow disorders can prevent oxygen to reach the arm tissue. This will cause pain as a result of ischemia. Vasculitis is where inflamed blood vessels that cause thickening of blood vessel walls and narrowing, which can occur by infection, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Causes of muscle spasms in other arms:

  1. Gastric acid
  2. Heart seizures and heart attacks
  3. Anxiety
  4. Cellulitis
  5. Depression
  6. Cancer and tumor

Because the pain in the shoulders and upper arms can be caused by a serious condition, should be checked out medically, especially if the pain worsens.


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