signs of type 1 diabetes

Signs of Type 1 Diabetes? this one of them

Signs of Type 1 Diabetes

Signs of type 1 diabetes have a similar signature with type 2 diabetes. But the differences are usually seen from signs that occur in the age or age of the patient and also the main cause of the usual signs of type 1 diabetes has begun to be felt at a young age because the cause is genetic factors or with a more simple type of signs of type 1 diabetes is due to a hereditary disease.

Type 1 diabetes is one of the groups of conditions known as autoimmune disorders because the body’s antibodies attack various organs and disrupt their normal function.


what are signs of diabetes? you may experience this sign

signs of type 1 diabetes

signs of type 1 diabetes

These antibodies interfere with hormone production and usually result in failure of certain glands. In type 1 diabetes Antibodies interfere with the pancreatic Langerhans in charge of producing the hormone insulin

When the body lacks the hormone insulin then the sugar is difficult to decompose into energy, so the signs of diabetes 1 often feel his body weakened not powerful though eating a lot if the condition happens like this to overcome it is not eating more because it is useless.


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Sugar still does not break down into the blood into energy and the more glucogens that float with the blood (this is the condition that causes your blood to be detected to contain too much sugar). The right step if the signs of this type of diabetes occur are checked into the nearest clinic or laboratory.

For a complete examination of diabetes Mellitus Usually, the examination is just taking blood and taking urine to check blood sugar levels before meals and after meals. Urine is checked to make sure there are no complications in your kidney organs.

Signs of type 1 diabetes such as persistent hunger are also accompanied by thirst so you feel you should continue drinking water and yet the thirst keeps coming and getting more frequent. This thirst will cause some signs of type 1 diabetes such as frequent urination so that weight loss occurs in a fast period.

Itching and pain in the genitals. Tingling at the ends of feet and fingers. The wound is difficult to dry and heal. All of this happens because the level of sugar concentration is too high and the lack of energy in the blood cells caused by diabetes mellitus.


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If any of these things happen you can handle them immediately by drinking TNO to restore the condition of diabetes mellitus. TNO will help balance blood sugar and repair damaged Langerhans in the pancreas gradually.

If the damage to the Langerhans has not been too much then diabetes mellitus can be more quickly treated with TNO. Do not wait until the damage to the pancreatic Langerhans is overdone. Certainly takes longer to overcome this type 1 diabetes sign.

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