Tylenol Arthritis Side Effects

Be Careful Using Tylenol !!! Here Are The Side Effects

Tylenol Arthritis Side Effects – Tylenol Tablets are indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, Headache, Fever, Febrility, Headache, Cold, Fever, mild to moderate pain, Headache and other conditions. Tylenol Tablets contain the following active compositions:  Tylenol. Available in tablet form. J And J Consumer manufacture Tylenol Tablet. The detailed information regarding the use of Tylenol Tablets, compositions, dosages, side effects and reviews are described below:

Tylenol Tablet How it Works, Mechanism of Action and Pharmacology

Tylenol Tablets improves the patient’s condition by performing the following functions:

  • Blocks the action of cyclooxygenase in the body.

Tylenol Tablet Composition and Active Ingredients. Tylenol Tablets are made from the following active ingredients (salt)

  • Tylenol

Tylenol drugs are available in various contents on each active ingredient listed.

Tylenol Tablets – Side effects

Tylenol Arthritis Side Effects

Tylenol Arthritis Side Effects

Here is a list of possible side effects that can occur from all Tylenol Tablet constitution materials. This is not a comprehensive list. These side effects are possible, but not always. Some of these side effects are rare but serious. Consult your doctor if you see the following side effects, especially if side effects are not lost.

  1. Body Limp and Tired Quickly

Body fatigue or feel too tired usually due to the activity is so dense and requires physical energy. But if this condition occurs for no reason but you are taking Tylenol, beware of the body weak and tired quickly as a result or side effects of the Tylenol.


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  1. Swelling of Lips, Tongue, and Face

When taking Tylenol, especially in the form of tablets, there are also cases where some of its swellings are swollen. Swelling generally occurs just in the area of the lips, tongue, or face or even all parts of it. This is as a form of allergic reaction to Tylenol.

  1. Rashes on the Skin

When using Tylenol, there are some people who are not so suitable and even actually resulted in allergic reactions. Examples of allergic reaction conditions are not only swollen on the face or lips, but also there is a rash throughout his body skin. A reddish rash is usually the most common.

  1. Bleeding

Be aware of the side effects of bleeding when taking Tylenol. It is true that this drug aims to relieve pain, but there is always the possibility of bleeding occurring that could be due to an overdose. Bleeding may occur in the form of a bruise or it may be bleeding directly for no apparent reason, then immediately go to the doctor for this condition.

  1. Itching

In addition to skin rashes and swelling that occur on the face and lips, there are also some cases where Tylenol users feel itchy. These rashes come from rashes that appear on the skin surface. If it is rash and itching so annoying, stop using and immediately to the doctor.

  1. Respiratory Disorders

In the case of Tylenol drug consumption, the most common side effects are breathlessness that is still included in respiratory conditions. When you feel this condition, immediately stop using, but if the disorder still occurs, then you should immediately see a doctor to obtain medical treatment.


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  1. Fever

Fever is always identical to be one of the symptoms of flu and is often accompanied by flu and cough. But fever is also a condition that indicates the presence of dengue fever and some other disease conditions. It’s just that if a fever occurs while taking Tylenol, this is one side effect so it should be discontinued first.

  1. A sore throat

A sore throat usually comes along with fever and is generally due to flu or when it coughs. Though a sore throat may also appear as a side effect of the use of Tylenol. Stop using it first and check with your doctor to make sure what the cause is.

  1. Pain Yellow

When taking Tylenol at the wrong doses, especially when excessive, the effects can affect liver health. When the liver is experiencing problems, it will usually be marked with jaundice, ie discoloration of the skin and the whites of the eyes becoming yellow. This is a side effect that should be immediately taken to the doctor to be handled quickly.

  1. Peeling Skin

The use of Tylenol if it is less suitable for your body condition or because the wrong doses can cause skin health problems. Skin exfoliation can be experienced by Tylenol users where this can occur on the inside of the mouth.

  1. A headache

When mentioned a series of side effects above that require medical help, there are also unnecessary side effects should be checked to the doctor because it includes mild, ie a headache. These side effects usually do not really need the help of doctors because when the use is stopped automatically headache will heal.

  1. Nausea

Other side effects that do not require medical help are nausea. This nausea can occur when your body may not fit the Tylenol or it could be due to a rather excessive dose. However, after the use is stopped, usually nausea will disappear.

  1. Stomach Pain

Another effect that will also heal by itself is abdominal pain. When abdominal pain strikes and is caused by Tylenol, just stop using it first. However, if symptoms of these mild side effects occur continuously, it’s good also directly to the doctor for fear of damage in the body.


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Tylenol Tablet Warning & How to Use

Before using this medication, tell your doctor about your current medication list, store products (eg, vitamins, herbal supplements, etc.), allergies, existing illnesses, and current health conditions (eg pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc.). Some health conditions can make you immune to drug side effects. Consumption as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions printed in the product brochure. Dose based on your condition. Tell your doctor if your condition continues or worsens. Key counseling points are outlined below.

  1. Stop using if the pain gets worse than 10 days, the fever will be worse than 3 days, or new symptoms arise
  2. Do not use with other drugs containing Tylenol
  3. Do not exceed 4,000 mg of daily dose in adults
  4. Do not take ≥3 alcoholic beverages per day while taking Tylenol
  5. Ask your doctor if you have liver disease or take warfarin
  6. keep away from children

Tylenol Tablets Drug Interactions

If you are taking other drugs or store products at the same time, the effects of Tylenol Tablets may change. This can increase your risk of side effects or cause your medication does not work well. Tell your doctor about all the medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements you use, so your doctor can help you prevent or regulate drug interactions. Tylenol Tablets can interact with the following drugs and products:

  • Warfarin

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