type o blood personality

Type O Blood Personality? Blood O Must Have Been Familiar with the 5 Things It

Type O Blood Personality?

Type O Blood Personality. Who does not know the type of blood type most cheerful ?. That’s type O blood personality

Usually, the person with type O blood personality has a million joys in his life as well as the lives of others.

But, actually, the person with type O blood personality has a mystery in him that cannot be vulgar they reveal to others. Is it really like this?

Smart, O keeps it all.

Even his closest friend did not understand what was in him. This character is usually owned by type O.

type o blood personality

type o blood personality

Understand before beginning to harass their lives type O blood personality. Here is the explanation!


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  1. They’re the kind of people who love to be friends and socialize

Most of type O blood personality is a person who has a high social life. He is able to cheer up in front of everyone and even able to make laughter at the people around him.

Especially on his own close friends. He always tried to please his own close friend just for the sake of being able to see his closest people smiling and laughing.

Type O can erase the sadness of others with thousands of jokes.

But, on the other hand, he can not solve his own problems. That’s why type O complains more easily when he himself. Indeed he needs his nearest person to understand O, cheer O, and entertain O as always done by type O to his close friend so that his close friend can smile back.

However, the fact that type O always loses it all. That’s why Type O always needs a close friend there in every life. Because he feels weak when he has to be alone with the various problems that exist.

2. Type O is a very expressive person. Fun is the personality attached to it

People with type O have many ways to express their feelings. Notice, he must be more often express his feelings in various ways.


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She hopes her partner can be sensitive to her, without having to reveal.

Not just to her partner, to other people too. It’s just for others to know what O means. And they can do that thing to O.

Most of the people find this group to be upset. And that is one way O to express his feelings.

3. Like a friend, he has a blood type O is always there if needed

Lucky those who have spouses, close friends with blood type O. Because type O has a great sense of caring to those whom O consider being people who mean in life O.

So much the sense of care, O sometimes willing to spend time with them, for the sake of a togetherness and happiness of friends, friends, spouses.

Type O is sometimes able to leave his preference to spend time with his loved ones. That’s why Type O is always ready to help friends, friends, or spouses when they need help.

4. They are also not good. Nothing to think and do in order to maintain the feelings of others

Type O always feels uncomfortable with the feelings of others. Either clumsy or what, he is less able to express the request for help to others. Many considerations if he should ask someone else for help.

He thinks a thousand times. He is overly caring for other people’s feelings. Assuming this type of O, he is afraid that if he asks for help then he will inconvenience and disturb others. It was hard to get rid of. He’s just taking care of other people’s feelings.


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5. Although not easily angered, they are a firm person and do not like to be mocked

Be careful when facing the O angry. Emotion type O is just a moment, after which O will smile again. But it’s different if O has peaked angry. Usually, type O takes time to own. But, when alone, O is really brooding with the question …

What is your blood type O? Or, you have the nearest person whose blood type is O too? Yuk, tag them in the comment field!

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