Types of autism Therapy

Types of Autism Therapy : 10 Effective Autism Therapy

Types of autism therapy

Types of autism therapy. Autism According to Baron-Cohen (1993) is a condition in which those who experience it since birth or in infancy, which makes it unable to form social relationships to normal communication.

As a result, the child experiences an isolated condition from another human being and into a repetitive world, an activity as well as an obsessive interest.

Whereas according to power (1989) the autistic children have some characteristics such as interference in social interaction, communication, behavior-emotion, sensory and motoric disturbances, play patterns, until the delay of normal development.

In the book DSM R-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorder), autism itself has 5 types of disorders that are in the category of PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder) outside of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Types of autism Therapy


Autism is a totally incurable abnormality. However, autism is a disorder that can be minimized its effect. Those who are autistic and given therapy aims to make children with autism, to be more capable of self-supporting for himself, to even work.


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Here is a types of autism therapy for people with autism

  1. ABA

Types of autism Therapy

aba therapy

The first types of autism therapy for autism is ABA. ABA or what can be called Applied Behavioral Analysis is a types of autism therapy that has long been in use. In the Applied Behavioral Analysis, itself has a structure that can see a person’s behavior.

Where that looks will be, what causes them to have such behavior and also how to shape or eliminate such behavior.

  1. Speech

Types of autism Therapy

Speech Therapy

Using speech therapy may be a common occurrence in those with limited interaction. But almost the majority of people with this Autism disorder, talking is one of the hard things to do.

On the one hand, there are also people with autism who have the ability to communicate even quite good, but he was unable to use it in the conversation. Thus, by using this therapy people with autism can be trained to have the ability to interact.

  1. Occupation
Types of autism Therapy

Occupational Therapy

The next types of autism therapy is occupational therapy. Occupational therapy has a purpose in training the ability to use fine muscles well. This is because people with autism have a delay in terms of fine motor development


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  1. Physical
Types of autism Therapy

Physical Therapy

In addition to fine motor therapy, the next types of autism therapy is physical therapy. Many people with autism experience a natural disruption of motoric development course. Physical therapy as well as integration therapy has a usefulness in terms of muscle strengthening and also improve the balance in the body of people with autism.

  1. Social
Types of autism Therapy

Interact therapy autism

Autism can cause difficulty in the ability of patients in terms of interaction and socialization. Therefore, social therapy can be done, because it can help in familiarizing the patient with good socialization. A simple example that can be done in this social therapy is to meet and also converse with a friend.

  1. Play

Types of autism Therapy

Play Therapy

Actually, the most tangible results of play therapy are still difficult to know. But some scientists have stated that autistic patients show improvement in terms of interaction, communication, and so forth after doing therapy.

  1. Development

Types of autism Therapy

development therapi autism

This developmental therapy studies an interest, strength, and also the rate of development of the patient. Once it is done then the next is to focus on improving emotional, social and intellectual abilities.


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  1. Visual

Types of autism Therapy

Visual therapy autism

Many of these autism sufferers more easily in terms of thinking visually, so learning by way of using the image media will be more effective to do. In addition, this therapy can also use media through video games, video modeling, and also other types of visual media.

  1. Behavior

Types of autism Therapy

Behavior therapy autism

Patients with autism sometimes behave outside the fairness of the general. This is where behavioral therapy aims in terms to find out in depth the behavior of autistic sufferers themselves, then to look for solutions rather than to correct them.

  1. Biomedical

Types of autism Therapy

Biomedicine therapy autism

The last types of autism therapy is Biomedical therapy. In this therapy, it is expected that the functions of the central nervous system can work better than before doing therapy, so the symptoms of autism diminish or even disappear.

Those are the few things we can know about the types of autism therapy that we can know. For further development, keep in mind the following reviews on deannawharwood.com, the most comprehensive and updated health information media of today.


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