vitamin b6 for Pregnancy

Vitamin B6 for Pregnancy

Vitamin B6 for Pregnancy. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is one part of other B vitamins that are more commonly called B complexes. The nature of vitamin B6 is easily soluble in water. Vitamin B6 is needed pregnant women for the health of the body and the fetus that it contains simultaneously.


vitamin b6 for Pregnancy


In pregnant women need more vitamin B6 is needed for delivery. The need to be met during pregnancy is 2 milligrams per day or more. because if the need for Vitamin B6 can only reach less than a milligram per day there will be a less good impact on the mother and baby.


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This is the benefit of vitamin B6 for pregnant women

  1. Can destroy fat in the body to be energy
  2. Improve, maintain and strengthen the immune system or antibodies
  3. Can treat and relieve nausea in pregnant women
  4. Maintain a balanced blood sugar level Reduces levels of homocysteine, an enzyme that triggers heart disease
  5. Can prevent transmission of disease eg
  6. Increase energy for pregnant women
  7. Important for mother’s body health and brain development and nerves for baby’s organs
  8. For the formation of mother and baby red blood cells
  9. Improves inflamed body tissue from injury
  10. To maintain the stability of the function of the nervous system to keep it at its best
  11. It is important to control and improve your metabolism

Vitamin B6 deficiency in pregnant women can be seen from the sign of a typical sign of early symptoms are similar to those suffering from vitamin C deficiency, for example itchy itching, cuts and small bruises at the corner of the lips, tongue pain and wound gums that sometimes there is bleeding, This Symptom occurs because vitamin B6 in the body is not sufficient. Symptoms that occur are usually followed by a great fatigue despite not doing activities that take a lot of energy. This is because the metabolic balance of the body is being disturbed.

This is the result of vitamin B6 deficiency in pregnant women:

  1. The abnormal metabolic system causes fatigue
  2. Dry and scaly mother’s skin
  3. The skin is broken and there is a wound in the corner of the lips
  4. Healing wounds that are too long or not healed
  5. Nausea and vomiting
  6. Terngkan liver function
  7. Trigger kidney failure
  8. Wound digestive system
  9. Babies can be born with a mental disability
  10. Infants born with a body weight of fewer than 2 kilograms

Now many vitamin B6 are packed and traded in supplement form. To live pregnant supplements do not match because Vitamin B6 has been contaminated with certain chemicals when the manufacturing process is done. Wise mothers will be consulted about whether or not to consume food or supplement drink. Usually, obstetricians will recommend vitamin B6 in the form of self-assembled capsules by health teams in the hospital, where vitamin B6 has passed medically as a safe vitamin for consumption for pregnant women.


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  1. Understanding of recommended vegetable cooking

Green vegetables have many important substances, especially vitamin B6 for the maximum health of pregnant women. But vegetables should not be boiled until destroyed because vitamin B6 in each leaf sheets will be wasted through the steam. This will lead to ripe vegetables that no longer have enough vitamin levels.

2. Understanding of safe carbohydrate foods for pregnant women

White rice is an energy source because it has high carbohydrate and sugar levels but little fiber. White rice tends to make the stomach full quickly, But white rice is not recommended for consumption by pregnant women because carbohydrates and sugar levels can trigger fatigue and diabetes symptoms.

Pregnant women are advised to frequently eat brown rice as an alternative food substitute for white rice rich in fiber and minerals. Red rice contains no sugar and has a minimal amount of carbohydrates and even almost nothing, do not be surprised if the red rice does not make obesity. Brown rice is rich in fiber that keeps digestive mothers healthy and smooth when defecating.

3. Understanding of eggs for pregnant women

Eggs are rich in protein, fiber and contain high levels of vitamin B6. But for pregnant women are prohibited from boiling or frying eggs in a state of half-baked, because enzymes containing bacteria in it tend to not die and can affect the fetus.


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The bacteria present in the egg will enter through the red blood cells and fetal placenta.

4. Understanding of taking vitamin B6 is easy and fast

Consuming vitamins in an instant way is still mostly done by pregnant women for the reason of saving time and energy. Vitamin B6 supplements undergo several chemical stages in which there are preservatives that are not recommended for pregnant women to drink, because if you drink it automatically also swallow the vitamin B6 extract of the chemical process. The development of the body will be disrupted and prone to miscarriage for mothers who are pregnant young.

Better to make healthy food for pregnant women themselves with the way smoothed and destroyed by the blender. Foods can be elaborated on other foods such as avocado can be elaborated with milk and tomatoes. All three are rich in benefits for the health of pregnant women and their babies. How to combine several kinds of foods rich in benefits will produce nutrients that multiply without having to consume supplements sold in the market.

5. Unsourced source of vitamin B6 for a cooked medium for health reasons

fish – in some people like the menu of half-cooked Japanese cuisine. cooked fish half cooked the Japanese as a food that still has a complete nutritional content. Whatever the reason pregnant women are not allowed to eat half-cooked fish, because most likely there are bacteria or germs left in fish meat

Chicken Sate – Chicken meat source of vitamin B6 is good for pregnant women and fetus, but if the chicken meat is processed to be satay, this is not targeted for pregnant women consumption. Medium-baked meat is not cooked.

Shellfish and crabs – Seafood types such as shellfish and crabs contain lots of protein but also contain harmful mercury if consumed by pregnant women, in addition, shellfish and crabs contain high cholesterol. Pregnant women may eat seafood but not for shellfish and crabs.


Sources of vitamin B6 needed by pregnant women are:

  1. Green vegetables. consisting of spinach, cassava leaves, and kale
  2. including long beans, peas, and red beans
  3. consists of poultry, chicken, beef, and liver
  4. fresh fruits. consists of Avocados, tomatoes, carrots, bananas, kiwi
  5. High protein source. consisting of Soybeans, fish, eggs, tempeh, tofu cheese
  6. Kabohidrat source. consisting of Potatoes, brown rice, wheat, cereals, sweet potatoes

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