What are signs of diabetes

what are signs of diabetes? you may experience this sign

What are signs of diabetes

What are signs of diabetes

What are the signs of diabetes? Diabetes has become a very common and frightening disease. Diabetes is often overlooked because it is still considered a disease that comes from family history. But actually diet is the main cause.

There are two common types of diabetes known, namely type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

All types of diabetes have the same signs. Here are the various symptoms to watch out for from diabetes, for type 1 and type 2.

  1. Always Feeling Hungry

Early diabetes is often characterized by excessive hunger. Even if you do have a regular meal schedule before. This condition is actually caused because the body converts food into blood sugar levels in a very fast time. While the body has no insulin or cells in the body is unable to receive the insulin produced pancreas. Therefore the stomach will feel more hungry than usual.

  1. Body is Very Tired

When the body needs food in greater quantities it should also get energy from the food source. But this is the opposite because the blood sugar reserves cannot be absorbed into energy because there is no insulin that changes it. The body does not have sufficient reserves of insulin or enough insulin but the body rejects it. This condition makes the body feel very tired even though you also feel very hungry.

  1. Frequent Urination

Urinate for normal body average only about five to eight times a day. But for people with diabetes it will waste more than that amount. This condition often causes diabetics to feel frustrated. This is because the body should absorb glucose that has entered into the kidney. But when the blood sugar level is too high it will make the whole process not happen.


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So all the results of the metabolism of sugar levels in the body will come out of the body after passing through the kidney.

  1. Often Feeling Haus

In addition to feeling more frequent urination, diabetes is often characterized by excessive thirst. This condition is still related because when there is a lot of fluid that comes out of the body along with urine, then your body also needs more fluids. The more often you feel thirsty then the blood sugar levels will also be higher.

  1. Dry mouth

Mouths are very dry often become early signs for diabetes both type 1 and type 2. This condition is actually influenced by the condition when the body is too urinate in a very often, then also feel excessive thirst. If the body does not receive fluid in quick time then the mouth will feel very dry. Even saliva production will also experience problems. Often people with diabetes who entered the early stages are also dehydrated because of lack of fluids.

  1. Skin Feels Itchy

The fluid in the body has a very big role including a fast metabolic system. But under certain conditions then the lack of fluids will also make the skin becomes drier. The most common reaction is that the skin will feel very itchy, then you become more easily scratched and can cause injury. Itching can occur in all parts of the body but most often on the sidelines of the toes and hands.

  1. Blurred vision

The fluid in the body was also influential for the eye. Actually when diabetes symptoms like too frequent urination then there is a change in fluid levels in the body. This condition will then make a difference in pressure on the lens of the eye. The eye lens will become more swollen causing the lens of the eye cannot capture the image clearly. This is what makes the eyes look like a double object or blurred.

  1. Finger and Hand Infection

Infections of the toes and hands are most common in early symptoms of diabetes. If the condition of blood sugar is high enough then there is easy fungus in the body.


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This fungus will eat blood sugar directly so often cause wounds that easily develop on the toes and hands. Early signs of frequent infections such as skin blisters and skin peeling themselves.

  1. Infection Under Breast

For women who get diabetes then often feel uncomfortable under the breast. This condition is often characterized by excessive itching, especially in the lower folds of the breast. For people who have a fat body then it can be more severe. Sometimes severe itching triggers a fungus that is easy to grow and can cause severe infections.

  1. Intimate Organ Infections

The infection around the sex organs is almost the same as the infection that strikes at the bottom of the breast. This condition is caused due to the infection that occurs due to the growing fungus. Changes in body fluids are also very influential because the skin becomes drier so it looks very scaly. This condition can indicate high blood sugar levels.

  1. Joint Pain

Discomfort and joint pain will occur in early-stage diabetes. Pain and discomfort most commonly occur in the legs or joints that are directly related to the foot. This can be caused by very high levels of sugar in the blood it has been directly affecting the nerves. If you do not get the right treatment then it can cause quite a serious nerve damage.

  1. Death Taste

The numbness that occurs in the feet and hands often begins with symptoms such as frequent tingling. Some people who have high cholesterol disorders often consider this the same condition. But it turns out numbness is one of the conditions that result because the nerves in the feet and hands are not working properly. Changes in blood sugar levels change the nervous system causing damage.

  1. Weight Loss Drastically

In early-stage diabetics are usually easily recognizable with a very decreased weight loss. This is because the body does not get energy from food that has entered into the body. Too much sugar in the body that causes the body does not get energy reserves as needed. After that the body will try to use energy from fat reserves and muscle mass. This condition can not be changed even though diabetics always want to eat in large quantities.

  1. Nausea

Nausea becomes the most common disorder in diabetics. Nausea that can occur evenly throughout the day with an unclear trigger. This condition actually occurs when the body does the combustion to get energy from fat reserves. But it turns out the fat burning results to produce ketone compounds that can enter the bloodstream. The effect of this process is excessive nausea.

  1. Vomiting

The drive for vomiting actually occurs because the body produces ketone compounds from fat burning results. Ketones that have entered into the blood do not produce an energy boost but instead turn into toxins in the body.


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Therefore the body will seek to expel all these compounds with vomiting. This condition can cause harm to the body because the body has many toxins from ketones.

  1. Sweet Mouth Odor

Body processes that produce ketones from the burning of fat turned out to also change the system of glands in the body. The salivary glands will produce a by-product of bad breath like sugar. The smell of the mouth can even feel like a chemical found in nail polish. These symptoms will make people with diabetes feel uncomfortable, not appetite and make the body become weaker. This indication of bad breath signifies that the levels of ketone in the blood are very high.

  1. Stomach Pain

Abdominal pain is an indication when the body produces too much ketone is very high. This symptom also occurs most commonly with excessive nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain can vary widely as diarrhea, heartburn or even discomfort alone. There are some diabetics who are not sensitive to this stomach pain and they often consider it trivial to be treated with ordinary drugs. Should if already abdominal pain then you should immediately seek the help of a doctor.

  1. Breath is Faster

Breath should not be a problem for diabetics. But for diabetics who are already severe than can experience shortness of breath is bad. This condition is caused because the body has too much sugar in the blood. Because some of the blood is filled with sugar levels there is little oxygen. Therefore, the breath becomes faster because it tries to meet the oxygen needs of the body.

  1. Lack of Concentration

Diabetics will experience a difficult thing considering the body condition is not good. This condition will become more severe with concentration problems. Less concentration can occur because the body is not getting enough energy, the process of burning excess fat and the body can not get enough sense of comfort. Because the body has less concentration it often makes the patient feel easily disturbed.

  1. Hard Wounds Heal

Because of changes in fluid pressure in the body, people with diabetes will be more susceptible to injury. Minor injuries such as abrasions or scratches from light objects alone can be a serious problem. High blood sugar in the body causes enormous changes to blood flow in the body. As a result, many parts of the body that do not get the blood supply as needed. This condition will also make the nerves have problems that make the wound becomes difficult to heal quickly. Often because it does not heal quickly it must be amputated to overcome the infection does not progress to another nerve.

  1. Emotion is not Stable

Another symptom of diabetes that is sometimes not understood sufferers is a problem of emotions that are often unstable. This is actually due to the body feeling very tired and hungry too often. Unstable emotional conditions often cause irritable sufferers and always want their will is also obeyed. Some diabetics can not even avoid a certain food ban because if not achieved then easily angered and worsening conditions.

  1. Headache

Headaches become symptoms that may never be considered in detail. Actually this condition is related to the problem of energy reserves in the body. When the blood sugar level is too high it can cause the body to absorb too much energy, whereas the body can not produce enough energy. As a result, headaches often occur as in people who are starving.

  1. Fast Heartbeat

A very rapid heartbeat can occur in diabetics. This is because the body is trying to circulate blood to all parts of the body when there is a lot of reserves of blood sugar levels.


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The heart works too hard to absorb blood and high sugar levels cause the heart to not work properly. Therefore the heart rate will change faster.

  1. Sweating

The excessive fluid pressure in the body forces the body to continue to work in the metabolic process. But actually the body cannot afford because there are many levels of sugar in the blood. Many liquids that enter through the drinking water will cause the body trying to remove waste substances. As a result then there is a lot of sweat that will continue to be issued. This condition will also make the body feel very weak and tired.

  1. Swollen gums

In elderly people who face the symptoms of diabetes often begins with a swollen gum sign. Swollen gums are the accumulation of high blood sugar levels. This condition then affects the nervous system located in the gums. Swollen gums often cause the patient to feel very weak because they can not eat well while the body would want to get enough food intake.

  1. Dental Teeth

The wobbly teeth occur after swollen gum problems arise. Although there are many shaky teeth that usually do not get off. This condition is influenced because of the nerves in the gums that have been so weak that the roots of teeth also experience severe problems. Usually this situation will appear when blood sugar levels are already quite high.

  1. Hearing Problems

Sometimes diabetics will also feel the problem of hearing if blood sugar levels are already high enough. These hearing problems often cause long-term or permanent deafness. Sugar levels are high enough to make the nerves directly related to the hearing system has problems. If high blood sugar levels persist in the body then it can cause permanent deafness.

  1. Snoring While Sleeping

People who suffer from diabetes will experience a habit pattern during sleep. People who are not used to snoring will snore more often. This is caused by sleep and blood sugar levels are very high then cause the body requires excessive oxygen. Insufficient oxygen levels often cause the respiratory organs to work hard to absorb oxygen. This then makes the nose and throat get tougher pressure while sleeping so as to make the patient snore.

  1. Always Want to Sleep

Another sign of diabetes is not wanting to do various activities and it is always easy to feel sleepy. Drowsiness is most common at the time after breakfast and lunch. This condition is caused because the body has a very high blood sugar levels that cause energy changes in the body. As a result, the patient will be more sleepy and do not want to do a lot of activity

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