what are the erliest signs of pregnancy

What Are The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy?

What Are The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy? Late menstruation or late menstruation is a major sign that a woman is suspected of becoming pregnant. But sometimes a lot of impatient want to immediately know the status of pregnancy to find out whether there are early signs of pregnancy before menstruation late? Indeed some women may experience symptoms or early signs of pregnancy even before the next menstrual period arrives. This happens because of the hormonal dehydration that meets with a body that is so sensitive despite the slight changes in hormones in the body. Even when the pregnancy test still showed negative results.


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what are the earliest signs of pregnancy

pregnancy signs

Maybe you’re one of them, following the early signs of pregnancy before the menstruation:

  1. Sensitive To Odor The initial change is a sign that you are pregnant that changes the body’s response to the smell or smell. Maybe you first time to go to the kitchen, where the aroma of food that you usually like now even make you nauseous, nauseous and want to avoid it. It is unclear why pregnant women are sensitive to odor, but it is strongly suspected to be due to the influence of progesterone hormones that increase early in pregnancy.
  1. Abdominal cramps Some women experience abdominal cramps as a sign of early pregnancy before late menstruation. This is usually the result of a fertilized egg taking a position, implanting (implantation) on the uterus. Implantation occurs between 8 – 10 days after ovulation or about 4-6 days before the next menstruation. Many women mistakenly suspect this stomach cramps as menstrual pain that will come, because the time is almost the same.
  1. Light patch A few days before the late menstruation, many women experience spotting. If there are no other signs and symptoms of pregnancy, it may be signed before coming months. However, this may be a sign of early pregnancy, the outward blood spots are believed to be the result of implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus, as described above.
  2. Nausea Sickness becomes the early symptoms of pregnancy is quite famous. Although most pregnant women do not experience morning sickness before 6 weeks of gestation, or 2 weeks after the onset of menstruation, some get nauseated so early that one week after conception, or about a week before their next menstruation.
  3. The taste of metal in the mouth Some women experience a sense of metal in the mouth at the beginning of pregnancy. This often happens together with a strong aversion to a particular odor. The cause is unknown, although most experts blame hormone progesterone (again). In some women, these symptoms disappear after the first trimester, while others experience it during full pregnancy.
  4. Frequent Urination Hormonal changes in early pregnancy will increase the speed of blood flow to the kidneys. When this happens, the bladder will fill up faster, so urination will become more frequent. For some women, this is a sign of early pregnancy, even before the late menstruation. Frequent urination will continue to increase as the growth of the fetus in the womb that also suppresses the bladder to give birth.
  5. Fatigue If you are more tired and tend to want to sleep earlier than usual, you may be pregnant. Again, this is the result of an increase in progesterone that is believed to be the culprit. Most women describe the early fatigue of pregnancy is really exhausting. Because it can happen before the late menstruation, many women are mistaken and think that they may experience pain like a cold or cold.
  6. Breast Pain, Larger If your breasts become sensitive even to soft touch, maybe it’s an early sign of pregnancy. Breasts also feel tense and sick when going to get menstruation, pregnancy symptoms are also so but can multiply it. At 2-3 weeks after conception, hormonal changes can make breasts like this. The breasts may also feel fuller and heavier and this will continue along with gestational age
  7. Dizziness If you feel like standing on the boat when it is not, maybe it becomes a sign of pregnancy before the menstruation. Dizziness is due to dilated blood vessels and blood pressure to go down, besides it can also feel weakness due to low blood sugar levels. Many of me, if anyone wants to share the experience surrounding the early signs of pregnancy when not yet late menstruation please submit to the comment field.

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