what is muscle atrophy

What is Muscle Atrophy? Recognizing Type Of Muscle Atrophy And How To Overcome It

What is muscle atrophy?

What is muscle atrophy? Muscle atrophy is a condition in which there is a decrease in muscle mass. This is usually the result of injury or the presence of a disease, so that certain body parts are not moved for long periods of time.

This muscle atrophy can be restored, but depends on the condition and cause. So the way of handling can also vary.

what is muscle atrophy

what is muscle atrophy

Types of Muscle Atrophy

In general, there are two types of muscle atrophy, namely:


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  1. Muscle-induced atrophy is not used

Be careful for those of you whose daily jobs spend more time in a sitting position.  For example in you are healthy but too much sitting, so that the muscles of the body weakened because of the lack of active movement.

  1. Neurogenic atrophy

In this type, atrophy occurs because of injury or disease in the muscles and nerves that are directly related to the muscles. This condition generally tends to occur faster than atrophy because the old muscles are not used, because of its sudden nature. For example, in polio patients, spinal cord injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Muscle atrophy that occurs due to a disease can make the sufferer need to be hospitalized for a longer period of time. Furthermore, under certain conditions, this muscle atrophy can lead to a decrease in the quality of life of the patient.


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Symptoms and How to Overcome Muscle Atrophy

Symptoms of atrophy of muscles that arise can vary by person. Here are some symptoms and signs You may have muscle atrophy, so it is necessary to get medical treatment:

  1. There is a weakness in one or several parts of the body
  2. Have physical members who are not used to perform activities in a long time
  3. The limbs, like the hands or feet, appear smaller than others

The symptoms of muscle atrophy are few. However, you are advised to really understand this symptom and hopefully be able to be aware of it, so that when it does happen, you can immediately go to the doctor.

The good news is that muscle atrophy caused by too long muscles is not used, can be treated with regular exercise. The muscles that initially decrease the mass and become weak due to insufficient motion, can slowly recover through regular muscle exercises.


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Whereas in the more severe condition of muscular atrophy, such as due to injury or the presence of certain diseases, medical treatment needs to be tailored to the cause and performed by specific methods, ranging from dietary regulation, physiotherapy assistants, ultrasound/sound wave therapy, to surgery.

If not already occur, muscle atrophy can be prevented by diligent exercise or physical activity. But if it’s already happened, follow the doctor’s instructions for healing.

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