what to take for constipation

What to Take For Constipation? Treat in a Natural

What to take for constipation?

What to take for constipation? One of the most annoying is when we get constipated.

Things that cause gastrointestinal disorders are the inadequate fluid intake in our bodies, eating unhealthy foods, unhealthy lifestyles, and other health conditions.

It will cause the stool to harden and cannot pass through the colon to be removed from our body.

what to take for constipation


Although constipation is not a serious problem, in this condition will hinder our daily routine.

Complications of constipation such as pain in rectal areas, bloody stools, and abdominal pain in patients.

Here is an article that discusses what to take for constipation? In this article, we will cover simple but highly effective instructions.

Remedial Measures

When you experience constipation, you will experience a very annoying condition in your body and will hamper your day to day work.


What To Do For Constipation

Maybe in the short term, you will experience a condition that sucks.

In case of chronic constipation, you will be advised for medical intervention to address this condition.

You can rest at home in a few days for healing

This condition is a common complaint that will be experienced by most pregnant women during the last trimester when the uterus puts pressure on the intestine.

If you experience the above conditions, and you are wondering what to take for constipation in pregnant women? You can eat foods that have high fiber and also drink warm water, this will facilitate your bowel movements.

what to take for constipation

Constipation During Pregnancy


Have you eaten regularly? Eat regularly can help digestion smoothly, and also your body will get the nutrients well.

If you really diet and want to get the best results, then you need a notebook, this notebook you will use to record what you should eat and what you should avoid.

To facilitate defecation, you need to drink lots of white juice and foods that contain lots of nutrients.

Foods that contain nutrients and fluid intake will soften the stool and facilitate your bowel movements. The most important thing does not let your body get dehydrated.

to overcome it you should regularly drink water and eat fruits that have good nutrition and vegetables are fibrous in your daily diet.

High-fiber vegetables such as dark green leafy vegetables, beans, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, corn, bananas, peaches, apples, oranges, pineapples, and others.

Fiber foods like the above is a high fibrous material and help you to defecate.

Herbal Remedies

Next, we will discuss the herbal ingredients, this herb is very effective and can relieve your bowel movements

This herbal ingredient is psyllium husk, flax seed, senna, Triphala, etc., you can consume it, this herb can overcome constipation because this herb acts as a stimulant.


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Psyllium and kelp seeds serve as a bulk adder to the stool, and can also help remove from your body

This will help you feel a sense of relief from the hemorrhoids you are suffering from

Another way with dandelion and milk thistle that serves to stimulate your liver and produce more bile, thus helping your digestion easily.

You can also take a ginger infusion, a ginger infusion will help relax your bowel muscles and also can cure infections of your gastrointestinal tract.

An effective way to get rid of your gastrointestinal condition may be to drink aloe vera juice or prune juice

To increase the water content in your body, especially in the intestines, you can drink hibiscus

Another highly effective remedy is with buckthorn and cascara sagrada herbs, this herb is useful for stimulant laxatives that work to reduce the discomfort caused by constipation.

Other Measures

From the way of treatment I mentioned above, in foods and herbs, there are also other methods that can cure constipation, here is an effective way so that you are not exposed to constipation

Exercising. Exercising is an effective way to stimulate defecation and keep your body healthy

Another exercise. Like abdominal exercises, this will stimulate your muscle muscles and also facilitate your digestion.

Try to massage your stomach, this will help your bowel relaxation.

Massage your stomach with olive oil, this will relax your abdominal muscles and also will improve your blood circulation.

Drink plenty of water and avoid fast food, because fast food will increase the blockage of stool from the intestine and also consists of complex fat so fast food takes a long time to digested by your body.

This will cause interference in your stomach. So, you better eat healthy food and avoid fast food, than you will get gastrointestinal problems.

If you are still experiencing this problem try consulting with your doctor, your doctor will provide proper care and provide solutions of this disease.


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